Discover the range of KUNA business products and services

Leverage our offerings to develop cutting-edge crypto and financial services, utilizing innovative technology. Our solutions are designed to empower you in building advanced and forward-thinking financial products

Kuna Pay

Unlock the potential of crypto acquiring for your business. Start accepting crypto payments and boost your revenue to new heights.
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Kuna Tech

KUNA Tech offers customized fintech and blockchain solutions to accelerate your projects towards success. Explore the new potential of your business with KUNA Tech.
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Kuna OTC

KUNA OTC offers secure and personalized cryptocurrency trading services for large volume trades. Experience the convenience and security of high-volume crypto trading with KUNA
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We’ve taken the complexity and anxiety out of crypto. Buy, sell, hold, exchange and stake digital assets in one convenient app
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Blockchain consultancy services

Blockchain technology consultancy from industry pioneers. Get personalised consultancy services for all your digital asset needs
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CBDC advisory and solution development

Tailored CBDC solutions and consultancy for governments. Streamline financial transactions with our secure and scalable CBDC implementation services.
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Kuna banking Gateway

Diversify your investment portfolio with crypto- and blockchain-based services for traditional banks.
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Crypto Processing

Apply crypto processing with KUNA exceptional service, including complex AML checks, zero reporting and no additional charge hidden.
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